An essential activity book for children

7 Easy ways to develop life skills for your child

How to do wonders for your child by spending 30 minutes every day?

How to play with your child and develop two important life skills?

Here is a simple and effective method to develop two important life skills: Imagination and Creativity.

Children have the ability to come up with wildly imaginative ideas when asked to do so. But we don’t give many chances to do this. Instead, we give problems with a “right” answer, and children are fearful of the consequences if the answer is “wrong.” They become risk averse and less imaginative. As a parent, can we do something to develop the imagination power of the children? 
Imagination isn’t just child’s play. We use our imagination to envision the landscape of our own future. A robust imagination sets the stage for extraordinary accomplishments. It’s imagination that differentiates extraordinary from ordinary. To develop imagination skills, the most important thing is to put the right material in their hands and let them create whatever appeals to them.

How to use the book?

You can ask the child to convert the basic shape into object they imagine. Don’t limit or force your ideas.
You can do the part of your work with more enthusiasm and play. This will inspire the child.
For few exercises, you need to work with your child.
Remember to spend 30 minutes everyday with the child for at least 10 days. Then it will become a habit.
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for creative kids (LEVEL 1, 2 & 3)