Indian Water Challenge 50

We organize Indian Water challenge-50 for teenagers and students. The aim of the competition is to discover their limitless potential by providing them the real world challenges and mentor them to come up with innovative solutions.

India is facing its worst-ever water crisis. As cities and towns grow, the pressure on urban water resources is expected to increase – the demand will be twice as much as available. So InnovatLabs focus on water conservation by taking up “Indian Water Challenge-50” to teenage and student community to propose an innovative solution. We always believe that students are creative and by providing the right opportunity and guidance, we can help teenagers and students to develop their skills and brings out the best of their talents.

The team of 3 or 4 members from any branches of study can participate in the challenge. The team that demonstrates the solution for the challenge will get ₹ 50000 cash prize and much more exciting rewards. The process of this challenge will have three stages.

1 – Immersion camp
The teams first participate in the 2-day Immersion Camp for observing and empathizing with our end user at our partner hotels & restaurants. You’ll be invited by mail. Find more information and apply.

2 – Intensive coaching
In the weeks after Immersion Camp, you will attend six intensive coaching and mentoring sessions. You’ll perfect your design, iterate the model and make a prototype. After that, you’re ready to test your prototype with our partner Hotels and Restaurants. The Top-2 teams of each city will enter into the third round.

3 – Grand finale
In this round, you will demonstrate the potential of your methods/solutions/device in front of leading customers. You’ll receive valuable feedback and get a chance to discuss your idea in more detail during network sessions. The jury will select two to five teams to work with InnovatLabs further and prize money.

For more info and registration, Indian Water Challenge – 50
For any queries, kindly reach us at | (+91) 6385 522 904

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