How to make simple incidents into a learning moment?


We were eating together with students in the dining hall. I was looking at the wash basin and whenever someone opens the tape for washing, a large quantity of water is gushing out and is wasted. I brought this to the attention of the students who are sitting near to me. They immediately told the person standing near wash basin to carefully use the water. But I asked them to observe carefully about the children washing their hands instead of reacting immediately. I asked them to list out reasons for wastage of water. Within 5 minutes a lot of insights started coming out from Children. They pointed out that diameter/area of tape opening is large. Even few turns of knob produce more pressure. Solutions are offered by the children ranging from fitting small shower like head, knob changing or better washing arrangement. Quickly we made a team and plan to save water in the dining area in next 15 days.

I was wondering how we converted a lunch table conversation into learning and thinking moments for kids. It is because the school’s process allows this. It forces teachers to eat with children. It enables children to solve day to day problems of school by organizing a community time.  We think that children learn everywhere not just in the classroom and only in maths/science/language classes.  We genuinely believe in allowing children to discover learning from every incident.

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