Take up Projects that Change World

InnovatLabs provide personal coaching to create an impact on teenager’s personality by developing the following eight important attitude & skills


Observing Curiously

Observe behaviours of humans, observe patterns in nature, observe deeply why somebody likes a product, and observe deeply. The curious observation is the first step to innovate. We help youngsters to acquire the skill of deep observation through well-designed activities and exercises.

Envisioning Alternatives

Once you have control over your mind and start to observe deeply, we help you to visualize and imagine the different possibilities. You will be able to visualize and imagine the novel way to change the behaviour, different function of a product, because of our well-designed exercises and coaching.



Creativity is taking your imagination to the reality: Building something actually on the ground, creating a unique idea, solution. Creative people are intrinsically motivated. InnovatLabs helps youngsters to find their purpose and internally motivated by building a culture of autonomy, individual freedom and providing life-changing experiences.


Relentless trials and experimentation is the attitude of creative people. InnovatLabs will help to make small trials, do experiments, convert your idea into a prototype, get a feedback, make more trials and keep improving the solution.



When someone realized their purpose, they focus on important tasks ahead. Training young minds not to lose focus, not putting their mind into short-term pleasures is the toughest task and at InnovatLabs we help youngsters to discover their passion & purpose early to keep the focus on their purpose.


Questioning the status quo, having the flexibility of the mind to see things, where others fail to see, are important skills for the innovator. InnovatLabs will train youngsters to question, reframe the problems and develop the flexibility of mind.



Grit is the ultimate difference between failure and success in any entrepreneurial venture. If you are not willing to fight and take up their idea to the next level, no one will take up. It needs the persistence to convert an into product, service or institution. Grit & will power can’t be taught, but we provide the right learning environment where youngsters develop their grit and will power.

Inspiring others

Leaders inspire others to rally behind them for a cause. Teamwork and collaboration become easy when you inspire your team with a clarity of thought, action and growth mindset. Come and take up a challenge and grow as the leader to willpower others.

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