Water the basic LifeLine

Only 1% of the Earth’s water is available for drinking, we must learn to use it wisely. Turning off the tap while brushing teeth or washing clothes, practicing rainwater harvesting, using a low flush toilet are some of the ways to conserve water and save the life. Untreated sewage, agricultural runoff, chemical wastes from industries, overfishing and toxic plastic waste has been posing a continuous threat to the water bodies and the availability of a sufficient quantity of fresh water. Today when you go to the toilet, be it in someone’s basic toilet in a rural village you might be visiting, in a public toilet where you work, or on a comfortable water-flushed ‘loo’ at home, take a moment to think about those not as fortunate as yourself.

The biggest users of water are agriculture and industry together amounting to 60% of all usage. Vast quantities of water will be needed to cope with the population explosion and without water economic growth would be impossible.

To protect and preserve our Planet for the future generations, we need to use its natural resources wisely. One of the solutions is to reduce water usage in industry and domestic use. With the above objective, InnovatLabs launched Indian Water Challenge – 50 competition for identifying various technologies and methods to reduce the water usage in hotels and restaurants. We encourage teenage and college students to participate in the competition and innovate a methods and techniques to reduce the water usage. Let us pledge for a beautiful and green India and do our part in saving the water.

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