What is Indian Water Challenge-50?

Indian Water Challenge is the green technology competition. Our mission is to unlock the teenager’s potential to addresses water problem in India. The competition creates a stage for those ideas and youngsters. Indian Water Challenge-50 is part of the technology-mentorship-training of InnovatLabs.

Who are we?

We are people determined to address the potential of teenagers for solving problems faced by us by way of innovation and invention. InnovatLab is run by a central team, located in the city of Chennai, Trivandrum, and Madurai, which is supported by teams who organize the competition in their city.

Why are we passionate about Water Challenge?

As more and more people, businesses move into the cities, the water crisis is going to accelerate and worsen with increased water demand. We are dead serious about tackling water shortage problems. And we’re convinced that investing in ideas and youngsters is the way to go about it. Reducing water consumption is a major step in solving the urban water crisis and it demands thousands of innovations challenging the current technology, business models.

What do we do?

There are a lot of great ideas out there for improving water shortage problems. Some of them remain in the idea stage, never taking the next step and becoming viable. Some of them need an extra push. They need a bit of mentoring. Some need training and the benefit of experience. They need lessons from entrepreneurial failures and successes. With coaching and support, a number of ideas can become reality.

This is where we come in. The team at InnovatLabs offers training, coaching, and support to youngsters in finding the innovative solution.

About Us

InnovatLabs helps teenagers to find their purpose and lead a meaningful life. We help youngsters to develop sense of purpose by providing challenging opportunities and personalized coaching.  We are educators having experience in setting up innovative schools focussing on building 21st-century skills of curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

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