What books should I buy for my son who is interested in planets and space?

This is the question asked by a parent recently and the post below is a follow-up to my answer on Quora.

Books are the easiest way to start introduction about any topics. It will give children intrigue questions, thoughts to know more about the topic. But there are further steps a parent and child should take to keep the interest alive and kindle the passion.

  1. Experimental Setups: First one is to set up the small experiment, equipment, and tools necessary to observe the phenomena, tinker with materials, etc.  For example, if a child is interested in space and planet, get an amateur telescope to watch planets.
  2. Work consistently: By following the interest of a child regularly, through experiments, observations, interactions child become passionate about something.
  3. Join the guild/club: Find a club, guild which practices the activities related to one interest.
  4. Follow the expert:  Follow the organization, experts who are working in the field. For example, if you are interested in space, follow NASA, ISRO, etc.

Hope this helps your child in discovering his passion.

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