Why doesn’t India have MIT, Harvard?

Last week there was an interesting debate in Quora on “Why doesn’t India have universities like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard?”

The most voted answer for this question came from Raj Dandekar, an IITian himself.  The summary of his answer is as follows. Students contribute to the growth of the institution. In MITs, Stanford students are passionate about their field of study and in IITs students are hardly passionate about what they do. Rather students are ended up in IITs because of the pressure of parents and dream of getting well-paid job offer. This is the primary reasons among others that we don’t have thriving institutions like MITs, Stanford which is the hotbed of inventions taking their national economy to a higher level.  In the debate, one commentator pointed out that, we don’t have schools that make children passionate about something; rather we only have schools which prepare them for the admission into top colleges.

We are glad that in India this debate is going on and in InnovatLab, we have tried to answer the question- How can we make the children be passionate about something?-

For the last four years, we have built two schools just focussing on one thing. How can we help children to discover their passion?

We built from the scratch, the curriculum methods and processes to transform children’s curiosity into a passion for something. The passion can be on documentaries, butterflies, flying machines, river, earth worms, hanging garden, etc.

Still, we course correct and learn, but we are progressing.

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