Are you teenager, high on talent low on marks?  

We are looking for talented teenagers, 
who can solve the world's problems.

Personalized Coaching to train young students for becoming an innovator.  Know more about the wonderful opportunities awaiting you. 

We work with teenage students to unlock their limitless potential.

We are living in an innovation era. Organizations are looking for talented persons having the following four skills: curious and deep observation, ability to think creatively, solving the problems by innovating relentlessly and ability to inspire and collaborate with global peers. It is time to showcase your talent to the world. Take an interesting project and start working on it. 


Do you wonder about machines ?
Do you love programming?
Do you love observing animals?
Take an interesting challenge from Technology filed.


Do you like making movies? Taking photographs? Writing a story? Talking with people? Mesmerizing audience?
Take an interesting challenge from Media field.


Do you observe people deeply?
Are you not happy with furniture arrangements in a restaurant?
Are you intrigued by colours and patterns?
Take an interesting project from Design field. 
Can you redesign our farmhouse?
Can you create a mobile application for grand parents?
Can you solve the water problem in our hotel?
Can you use a 3D printer to help an SME in prototyping fast?
Can you redesign our courtyard landscapes?
Can you make a movie about inspiring person?
Can you document a social problems in a urban community?
Can you capture untold stories of business world?
Can you tell interesting stories of rural communities?
Can you capture the hopes & ambitions of ordinary citizens with extraordinary grit?
Can you create an inspiring documentaries on building of kailash temple, Ellora?
Can you redesign a customer experience in a restaurant?
Can you redesign ambience in a dispensary?
Can we redesign a menu for well being?
What is wrong with this retail showroom (Car, Groceries, Apparels)?
Can you reimagine supermarket stores?


Does your child observes deeply on some objects? Does your child asks intriguing questions? Measure how curious your child is 


Can your child imagines multiple ways of solving a practical problems? Can she come up with creative ideas? It's time to measure.

Critical thinking

Can your child identify facts among opinions? Can your child logically analyze the information and make use of the data?


Can your child able to express his thoughts without fear? Can she convince, inspire his team? It is time to measure this skill.
Curiosity Test

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InnovatLabs helps teenage students to find their purpose and lead a meaningful life. We help youngsters to develop sense of purpose by providing challenging learning opportunities and personalized coaching.  We are educators having experience in setting up innovative schools focussing on building 21st-century skills of curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

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